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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Alison and Jamie wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

I love when the weather turns just a little to the cooler side and the sun goes down a little quicker. After a summerView full post »

Katie | 2014 Senior photos and video

Confession time. I love the sound of a solitary piano played well. Add it to a photo shoot and now we’reView full post »

Heather and Michael wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Weather can be a crapshoot at weddings – especially outdoor ones. I don’t worry about it too much becauseView full post »

Cori and Todd wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

There is a lot of stuff that goes into making a good photo. A photographer once told me to get closer than I think IView full post »

Cori and Todd wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Well, I thought I’d seen it all. I mean really how much is there to see at a wedding ceremony, right? Walk downView full post »

Shoot the dress | Scranton wedding photographers

I’ve mentioned this before that I think wedding photography might be the most demanding photography job there is.View full post »

Laura and Anthony wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

One of the perks of doing what Bob and I do is we get invited to a lot of parties. Yeah, I know we have it tough.View full post »

Details matter | Lancaster wedding photographers

I don’t envy couples about to get married. Yeah there are a lot of decisions about venue and food and band versusView full post »

Ellie and Sean wedding | Lancaster wedding photographers

Not every bride wants these photos, but sometimes I wish they did. For every church that we shoot a wedding in that hasView full post »