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And for our next trick …

I was watching CNBC the other day. I’m a closet market watcher, I guess. Anyway, they were talking to some CEO and he was blah, blah blahing about something I wasn’t terribly interested in. And then he said something that struck a chord. He was talking about innovation and it was a great quote. I think he probably stole it from someone because there was no way he just came up with. Either way, I can’t remember it, but I got the message.

The gist of it was, if you are going to be in business, you had better be innovating or you can count yourself out as a business and you will be thrown on the trash heap of history like other businesses that refused to change. It was scary stuff. It was scary until I realized that without ever really spending a lot of time talking about it, Bob and I are in total agreement. In photography, you need to stay at the forefront. We are always looking for ways to improve service or offer products that are a little better than what we offered previously.  I’ve heard Bob say it before. “It’s just the right thing to do.” Pretty astonishing concept, I know. We’ve done it with our prints. We’ve done it with our albums. God knows we have done it with our equipment. Now, it’s with our digital files. Two Sticks is now delivering its full-resolution wedding files on USB drives! OK, so I don’t hear the applause. In fact, I think I hear crickets.  I guarantee it’s because you haven’t seen them yet. No peeking. We’ll get there is a second.

It used to be that wedding photographers delivered digital files on CDs. Then it was DVDs. That was so 2010. Now it’s USB, but not just any USBs. These are customized, bad-ass USBs in leather cases from Custom USB, who do a fantastic job. Best of all, they secure your images. DVDs were OK, but USBs last longer and make it easier and quicker to put extra copies of your photos on your computer. And let’s face it DVDs are probably going away at some point. This is the future – for now. When the next big thing comes along I guarantee we’ll be there.

Here are some pics of our drives.



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