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Erin and Pat wedding photos from Newberry Estates

With two photographers at every wedding, not surprisingly Bob and I produce a lot of photos. It’s not uncommon for us to start editing and have about 4,000 images to go through.  Now, I love the editing process – picking and rejecting the best photos and making tweaks here and there to make sure they are exactly how I want them. But Bob and I don’t sit next to each other and edit. We do it separately and then give each other our photos for the other to take a look at before we start building the album.

For me, it’s like Christmas when I get to see the work he has produced. Sure, we were there together at the same wedding or senior portrait session and I was able to see how he was approaching certain photos but it’s not the same as actually seeing it pulled up on the computer. It’s like rapid-fire present opening going through someone’s else’ work.

Anyway, what made me thing of it was I just finished going through Bob’s work from Erin and Pat’s wedding at Newberry Estates in Dallas. There is some great stuff and I just thought I’d share some of it.

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