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Finishing strong | Scranton wedding photographers

Turns out we might be a bit different from other photographers.

We hear from a lot of couples who meet with us. Sometimes it’s their first meeting with a photographer, sometimes it’s not. But we consistently hear stories about the number of hours a photographer is willing to work on a wedding day. On some levels I understand it. They can be long days, sometimes 14 or 15 hours long. ┬áSome photographers choose to limit it to 8 hours or they will shoot ceremony and the first hour of the reception and things like that. OK, fine be me. Bob and I tend to look at it from a different perspective. We are in it until the very end – and no we are not trying to make other photographers look bad.

Our reason is very simple, early on we got some of our best stuff near the end of the reception when the crowd is loose and the cameras are forgotten. Anyone who has ever been to a wedding will tell you the last dance can be beautiful. It can be raucous. It can be both. Why pass up that chance? Weddings are special. The last dance of the night is special. A sparkler exit is special. The bride giving her dad one last hug at the end of the night is infinitely more intimate than the hug at the end of the aisle. We want that shot. So we stay and hope to get it. A lot of times it’s there. Sometimes it’s not, but it’s more than worth the time to find out, don’t you think?

So we thought it might be nice to share a handful of late-night shots with you. Thanks for looking.

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Brianne and Ryan wedding at Radisson in Scranton

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