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LeeAnna and Ben: Time for portraits

It’s almost always overlooked – relegated to an afterthought. There’s the receiving line, the cocktail party, the reception. There’s just other things to do on your wedding day. Portraits – other than the ones typically done on the altar after the ceremony – have somehow become the red-headed step child. (You’re allowed to make that joke when you have red hair – or at least used to)

We always recommend to clients when we meet them to leave a couple hours open for portraits so they don’t have to rush to the reception and have time to gather themselves and relax a little. It doesn’t always happen. There are schedules to keep and organizing a wedding and keeping the trains running on time can be a logistical nightmare. But when a couple does make time for portraits it can be terrific.

Ben and LeeAnna made time and we think it was totally worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it was friggin’ cold doing the outside shoots but now they have photos a lot of couples never get because there was no time to squeeze it in. So for you brides to be out there, take our advice, leave a little wiggle room in the schedule to go out and grab some shots after the ceremony. You’ll be glad you did.

On to the pics!


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