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Lily: Senior portraits at the Waverly Community House

Sometimes I really wished the camera loved me… or even liked me. Hell, I’d settle for just not making me look like an alien light bulb with a goatee. I swear there are cosmic forces that pushed me toward photography just so I wouldn’t be in front of the camera.

I guess some people have all the luck. Take our latest senior Lily. Great eyes, perfect smile, the whole thing. Talk about making our job easy. We took Lily’s senior portraits at and around the Waverly Community House, which for some reason is becoming a popular spot for us. We also did some shots inside her family’s house. We’ll post some of those shots a little later. It’s was a little rainy and damp and just before Hurricane Irene paid a visit to the party. That’s OK. It was the perfect time to break out the umbrella. Lily was a good sport about the whole thing and did whatever goofy stuff we asked her to try.  We can’t thank her enough for that. And a  big thanks to Lily’s mom, Wendy. She might soon have a job as our wardrobe mistress and wrinkle fixer. On to the pics.


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