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Marissa and Mike Wilkes-Barre wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

I have to say the Volkswagen buses had nothing to do with Bob and I being booked for Marissa and Mike’s wedding. However, had I known Mike likes to buy and restore them I definitely would have considered some type of trade of services. Who needs money when you have a VW bus? It’s my absolute dream car! And yeah I know that will seem awfully weird to most people. In fact, maybe I’ll take  a second to mention this. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO TRADE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES FOR A VW BUS, CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, with that out of the way, let’s get back to our great couple Marissa and Mike. We had a blast at their wedding. From the morning and the getting ready photos all the way through the reception at Irem Country Club. We had a bunch of laughs and even managed to dodge a pretty good thunderstorm that cleared just in time for some bridal party photos. I will say that shower dropped the temperature about 20 degrees. It got cold!

And Mike And Marissa did something we love and recommend to all of our clients. They spent a little time with just the two of them at the end of the reception dancing one more time to their first dance song. It’s such a nice way to put a capper on a beautiful day. Well done, guys.




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