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Melissa and Will getting ready for wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Somewhere laying around my house is a book that was really really popular like 20 years ago. It’s called “Men and from Mars, Woman are from Venus.” I haven’t read it but I can only assume it talks about the differences in the sexes and how to better navigate them. I really wonder if the author spent a day with a bride or a groom getting ready for a wedding. You could do a case study on that.

First, the guys. Guys tend to be cool and relaxed. Not all of them, mind you, but most of them. Their responsibility a lot of times is to make sure they get into their tuxes, get the tie on reasonably straight and BE ON TIME. The rest of the time is usually spent watching college football, maybe having a beer and chatting with the boys.

The girls can be a different scene. Usually there’s a bit more chaos and more taking care of last-minute details. And let’s face it, getting into the dress is a bit trickier than throwing a tux on. Plus, mom wants to be there to zip up and dad gets to see his girl in her dress. Those are unbelievably great moments. They are also moments that are unique to the bride’s day. For me, I love the ¬†energy of photographing the girls. I love the details of last-second makeup touches and the moment when the flowers show up. I love getting shots of the bride against some beautiful window light just moments before she walks out the door to head to the ceremony. I love the chaos that often accompanies all of it. The excitement and adrenaline of those times is addicting.

And that’s the way it was this past weekend for Melissa and Will. The guys relaxed and told stories and laughed. The girls did all those things too. They also went to the salon, touched up make-up, tweaked their hair, helped Melissa get ready, made a bunch of phone calls and everything else you can imagine. And both were great. So here are a few shots form everyone getting ready for the ceremony. We’ll post more photos from their day later. A huge thank you to Melissa and Will for letting us be a part of it.



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