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My two favorite images of last year | Scranton wedding photographers

There are hundreds of shots that I love from the past year. Hell, there might be thousands. Each one of them is unique and speak directly to the moment when they happened. It’s why I love photography. I love those moments. It could be a bride’s reaction to seeing her dad. It could be the groom cracking up to a bad joke from a groomsmen. It’s the flower girl who can’t take her eyes of the ceremony. Or mom shedding a tear  – or sometimes dad.

There are just so many.

But seldom do you always get the combination of light, timing, atmosphere and everything that can and should go into a great photo. So I was thinking about the past year and some of the weddings we shot and some of my favorite photos. And yes I know I’m a little late to the party on year end photos. There are two that stand out to me that I just love. If it wouldn’t be weird I’d hang them as huge prints in my own home because every time I look at them I find something to love.

The first is from Danielle and Keith’s wedding at the Colonnade. I think the composition is pretty well done and has a real voyeuristic feel to it even though they knew full well I was taking their photo. Just so you know the background, it was taken in a bedroom upstairs at the Colonnade. I was shooting through a bathroom door that had a mirror on it. The mirror was catching the Venetian blinds from a nearby window. It made a really cool effect and I think in shows.

The second is from Ashley and Jeff’s wedding at Ehrhardt’s at Lake Wallenpaupack. Bob took this one, and I thought he did something really smart. He turned off his flash. At most wedding receptions, especially during the first dance you want to make sure you are getting nice, well-lit shots of the couple. Well, Bob decided that he loved the lines of the ceiling and existing lighting so much that he was willing to not have some of the things you would traditionally expect to capture the mood of the first dance. He nailed it. We still captured the “safe” shots as well, but sometimes it pays off to see something differently and take a risk.

Ashley and Jeff wedding at Ehrhardts


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