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New additions to the family

A couple weeks ago I put up a post about Eliza’s second birthday. One of her presents from her Papa was a new 10 gallon fish tank. We had already managed to keep her betta fish, Mr. Bubbles, alive for months in his simple little plastic tank. So, I figured a “real” fish tank with a filter and heater and pH balancing and the works would be more than sufficient to keep a group of tropical fish alive. Oh, how naive I was.

We have now begun the ritual of checking the tank each morning to see how many fish are “sleeping.” I never thought I’d be spending so much time at Petsmart, but they do have a 14 day return policy on “sleeping” fish. As of this writing, our tank currently holds 7 fish. I am hoping that as you are reading this, the tank still holds the same 7 fish.

I also have a new respect for marine photographers. Aside from the obvious difficulties, I realized that fish move pretty darn fast when they see a camera lens. If you are ever faced with photographing the family’s aquatic pets, here’s a tip: Make the room as bright as possible. This will help you maintain a pretty fast shutter speed to catch these little suckers and keep them sharp. Also, no flash allowed. It’s just going to reflect off the glass and give you a lot of glare in your photo.

Here’s some pictures of the survivors and one of our dog, Mucha, so she wouldn’t be jealous.

By the way, anyone have any good fish names?


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