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Newborn portraits of Niko | Scranton portrait photographers

I thought long and hard what to write in this post. After all, this is a photo blog and words can just get in the way. But Bob and I wanted to share some photos of Niko. He is the newborn son of Ellie and Sean, friends whose wedding we shot a couple of years ago in Lancaster. It was a road trip wedding for us and an incredibly good time that saw us visit a brewery before going to a reception at the Cork Factory Hotel, one of the coolest places you will ever find. Just click on this link to see some of those photos.

When I sat down to write, still with really no idea what I wanted to say, it came to me. No matter what I say about what Bob and I do as we tell the stories of our couples and other people we meet it all comes down to one thing. We are in the family business and that’s a really remarkable job to be in. We are there at weddings when families are just starting and we are there as families grow and children are born. A lot of times we are there for the family portraits a few years down the road when generations get together for that photo they have been thinking about doing for so long. And that’s really an honor and something we are really thankful for.

So thank you to Ellie and Sean for adding another chapter to this incredible book of memories that we have. We cherish you and all of our clients who invite us to be a part of it. And welcome to the family, Niko.



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