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Our favorites of 2014 | Scranton wedding photographers

Well better late than never. So when I woke up today, I was fishing around for some ideas to write about for this blog. (It’s not always as easy as we make it look. Haha). Then I thought, “Hey this is the beginning of a new year, well sort of, but why not a post about some of our favorite images from the past year.” So I started going through some older blog posts. That’s always a dangerous move. I started doing that at about 5:30 this morning. It’s now almost 8:30 and my fingers have just now hit the keyboard. It’s tough business picking my favorite photos. It also turns into a little stroll down memory lane, hence the three hours of cruising through images.

Some of my favorites might not be the best photos from a technical standpoint but they captured a moment – a moment that moved me in some way. Others might be really technically solid, but I can always find something that annoys me a little or something I wish I did a little differently. Bob and I can be pretty harsh critics of our own work. But all of these photos are for some reason or another my favorites. I suspect if Bob wrote this post he would pick different images. We never know why an image is going to move us, and for each person it’s different. I’d never even consider ranking them. I wouldn’t know where to begin. These are my favorites. We hope you like them, and we can’t ¬†wait to start making more images so we can do this again next year – maybe we will even do it a little closer to the new year!


Holy Cross Senior 2015 Scranton - Olivia6O4A1680-Edit_M3_8931




6O4A7281Mandy and Brian_M3_0668Lauren and Mike first look, NEPA wedding, Scranton wedding photographers_M3_01136O4A0954_MG_0093_M3_0201Denise and Chris Hillside Farms Wedding near Wilkes-Barre PA6O4A9166_M3_9656-Edit6O4A4825_MG_09226O4A8639Dunmore senior portraits





Stroudmoor Country Inn wedding of Lindsey and Matt

Jess and Sam wedding portraits at Penn State, Wilkes-Barre


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