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Our new giant album

Every time I open up one of ourĀ  new albums, I think of my wedding album from 9 years ago. And it’s not because I love my album. It’s because I can’t believe I have such a crappy album in comparison.

Every photo is a 5 by 7 and covered with contact paper. I know you’ve seen them. They’re just hideous, although at the time it’s just that way it was done. God bless progress. We make no bones about how much we love our albums and the company that produces them – Madera Books. So when they came out with an even larger size the 12 by 17, we had to get one to show clients. It is ridiculous. The quality exceeds what everyone else in the industry does and the options when designing it are head-spinning.

When they’re done they are truly a family heirloom.

Click here for the design of the album we produced for Amy Sean, who were married on New Year’s Eve.

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