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Paul and Nichole wedding in Deposit, N.Y.

When I first walked into Scott’s Family Resort –  a cool little place in Deposit, N.Y.,  – I was met by a nice older lady. She had short white hair, a colorful shirt and a good bit of energy. Presumably, she was a family member. After all, she was behind the big check-in desk. After a little chit chatting, I started asking her some questions about which room would host the reception, if she could give me the room number of the bride, where the groomsmen were hanging out and stuff like that. I started to worry a little bit when she didn’t really know where the bride and groom were. Hmmm, OK. So I don’t know a lot of details. A little worrisome.

But I do know that the chairs in the lobby are not chairs at all. Well, they are now, but they weren’t in a previous life. They were old wooden washers for clothes. Turns out her husband, a bit of a handy man, converted the washers to chairs. She showed me where the water lines used to run and showed me the holes that had to be plugged. That’s the vibe at Scott’s Family Resort. It is ultra laid back and from a different time. Slow down. This is a place to relax. It was all kinds of vintage and quirky furniture and stays true to the idea of a family business. Everyone is welcome and it’s a place to slow down, relax, and maybe learn a little something.

So with that idea, we decided to do a little something different with the blog. The pictures are done to match the vibe of the place – a little vintage and a little quirky. By the way, we eventually found the bride and groom and they had a beautiful and fun wedding. As always, thanks to the happy couple, Nichole and Paul, for a wonderful time and a chance to capture memories of their day. And thanks to Scott’s Family Resort for their hospitality. Everyone we ran into was wonderful and accommodating. You have a special and welcoming place and I hope we get to visit again. On to the pics.


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