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Quick tip for new parents and parents-to-be

After a few days of teetering on the brink of insanity, my 21-month-old baby girl, Eliza, finally drove me over the edge. In a moment of crazy/genius ideas, I started cutting up her clothes. Specifically, the feet off of her footie pajamas.

What led me to this was her new phase of not only skipping her nap, but deciding to strip naked in her crib to kill time. ¬†After several days of several outfit changes per nap time, it finally hit me – cut the feet out of her footie pajamas and put them on her backwards. This way, the zipper was in the back and she couldn’t wriggle her way out of them. After trying for 15 minutes to do her best Houdini, she finally fell asleep. Success!

Wanting to share my genius idea with friends and perhaps a new career in designing baby straight jackets, I was met with a reaction that sort of surprised me. Apparently this is something that almost every parent has already done when their child went through this stage. No one told me! So, I am telling you. Parents, when in a time of crisis, just cut out the feet.

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