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Some family shots for Justin and Megan

We wanted to show a few pictures of some family photos we did at the studio not too long ago. These are Justin, Megan and little Justin. One of the photos is being used for The Scranton Times Mother’s Day edition. The rest are some family photos. It’s always amazing to me what kids can do to photos – even in a simple studio atmosphere. It can be hard to get comfortable in front of a camera. It can be even harder under the glare of studio lights. I swear if you want the  antidote to it, just add a kid. There are two photos in particular here that I love.

I love the black and white of Big Justin and little Justin. It was a moment before they expected a photo to be taken. It feels relaxed and unscripted. Justin  wasn’t too sure but he was outvoted by Megan, Bob, myself and little Justin. I also love the profile shot of Megan and little Justin pulled close together and Megan’s smile, which is totally focused on little Justin.  The vote on that one was unanimous. Here are the pics.

I almost forgot. Mustache binky = Good times


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