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Spring is in the air

What seems like a never-ending rainfall lately is paying off big time for the plant life. Trees are getting their leaves back. Grass is starting to grow – although not nearly as fast as the weeds. And best of all for everyone with a camera – flowers are starting to bloom.

As much as Chad and I love to photograph people, it’s always fun to experiment with other subjects. This is a great time to have some fun with your camera and try some close up, or macro, photos of flowers and other plants. You don’t need a really expensive, fancy camera to take macro pictures. Most cameras, even some camera phones, have a macro setting. Turns out, it is the setting depicted with a flower symbol. Apparently the camera people know about flowers being great macro subjects.

Play around with macro photography to see how everyday objects take on a completely different look when photographed up close.

Stupid weeds already 6 inches taller than my grass.              Lilac bush just starting to bloom.

Fresh raindrops


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