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Sylvia and her big day of portraits

I love shooting babies. Crap, that sounds really, really bad. You know what I mean.They can be a bit of a challenge, though. It turns out they don’t take direction really well. You can say “tilt you head this way” or “turn your face toward the light” all you want. All you’re gonna get is big, beautiful eyes looking at you and seeming to say “Jeez, the big people aren’t very bright.”

It’s those eyes though that really pull me into these photos. There is something about a baby’s eyes. I couldn’t even begin to try to put it in words but they pull you right in – and maybe none more than little Sylvia. Her infectious smile and gorgeous eyes just stood out to me. We are so glad Kristina and Mark asked us to do some portraits of her. She is a total cutie and a trooper because it takes a little time to get the photos and she hung in right to the end. Apparently, it’s also exhausting work because Sylvia took a really nice nap when she was done. Anyway, here are some of our favorite pics.

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