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Dawn and Bob wedding at the Colonnade | Scranton wedding photographers

Well you can tell it is getting to be busy season – we have been a little delinquent on our blog posts. SorryView full post »

Jenn and Joe wedding at The Colonnade | Scranton wedding photographers

Anyone who has read this blog before knows we love the Colonnade! It’s a truly unique space and in a lot of waysView full post »

Jenn and Joe Colonnade wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

There is just something about being able to shoot at the Colonnade in downtown Scranton. It’s such anView full post »

My two favorite images of last year | Scranton wedding photographers

There are hundreds of shots that I love from the past year. Hell, there might be thousands. Each one of them is uniqueView full post »

A photography manifesto

I have yet to meet someone who is OK with failure. Sure some people can drop the baggage a little easier than others.View full post »

Lisa and John | Scranton wedding photographer

The camera lies. Yeah, I know you’ve heard it doesn’t. It does! It’s a big fat liar. It’s likeView full post »

Lisa and John wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Not too long ago (last week), I was writing about taking photos of the girls getting ready and making the case thatView full post »

Bryn and Walter reception at The Colonnade

I used to pass it every day. It sat on the corner of Jefferson and Mulberry  –  a reminder of a better day.View full post »