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The making of Two Sticks | Scranton wedding photographers

So if you’re a photographer taking photos for a new website, what’s the first thing you do? Maybe decide what shots you’ll take. Nah. Maybe set up some lights? Nope. Check exposure? Uh uh.

Ya gotta figure out where to put the GoPro – the tiny do everything, super wide angle video camera that is changing the way people take video.  Bob has been talking about getting one forever. I didn’t really get the bug until I saw it. I now have GoPro fever. Hey Santa, I know you’re a loyal reader of this blog. How about tossing one down the chimney? These things are fantastic. Strap them to your car, a bike, anything imaginable and at crazy angles. They go anywhere. Bob and I decided to put it on a table. Couple of creative types we are! But we had our reasons.  Like I said, we were taking a series of shots of ourselves for the new website. (You lucky devils)

We thought it would be cool to give you guys a look at the process  – or complete chaos  – that can be a shoot when Bob and I decide to get together to take some photos and see what happens. I swear we try to plan stuff out when we do these things, but really it turns into this creative cauldron. Any plans we had are scrapped for things we think will be cooler or at least funnier.

So here’s the little Go Pro – and  us – at work. Don’t forget the new website is coming soon with a ton more information, more photos and way more fun. I suspect we will remind you a couple more times.

Now go get some shopping done and stop reading this blog! Oooh, I gotta go move that friggin’  elf.


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