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A trip to the hospital

I hate hospitals. I don’t even like driving past them. In fact, I try to live a pretty healthy life – not because I think it’s the right thing to do. I do it so I can stay out of hospitals.

So when my daughter was checked into pediatrics at Regional Hospital of Scranton with pneumonia, I was less than amused. The only thing worse than being in the hospital yourself is your child having to be there. Before I go any further, she’s fine and has resumed her plot to kill one of her parents by strategically placing any toy with wheels in spots where we are guaranteed to walk.

It’s probably no surprise that I am one of those dad’s who always has a camera somewhere nearby. I hate to miss those moments that I have a chance of preserving. I could not however bring myself to bring the camera to the hospitals – although I’m ashamed to say I considered it. I did have my phone, though, and was able to grab a couple of shots while we were there. Before you get on my case, I know what you’re thinking. In my defense there’s a lot of downtime in hospitals so I grabbed a few shots.

By the way, thanks to my many friends and family who kept checking in to make sure Sophie was OK. It meant everything to Wendy and I. I’m sure Sophie will find this post years from now and read me the riot act for taking pictures while she was laid up. I’ll save you the time, sweetie. Daddy is sorry.

Also, thank you to the nurses at Regional for taking care of my little girl and for reassuring a very nervous dad.

Notice the left arm with the IV hanging out and my daughter looks for other patients that might want to be friends.

Gotta mark your territory. By the way, Sophie is a big fan of elephants. I think Dad gets props for a pretty good-looking elephant.

If you stay in pediatrics you get to put your handprints, name and year on the wall. It was really cool to see., although there were far too many handprints for my liking.

Sophie slapped her hands on the wall, although I’m curious to see the size of the kid who had his prints next to hers. Yeesh!

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