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A year in review | We love you guys

I’ve seen pretty much everywhere that 2016 was just a brutal year in a lot of ways. I’d have to agree. It was a total s**tshow at times, wasn’t it?

So now we come to the end of the year, and we’ve all seen a lot of change.
So Bob and I want to thank all our clients for what they have brought into our lives. It can’t be overstated how much each of you mean to us. We’ve shared some big moments with you, and it really is humbling for us. It’s what keeps us coming back. We see it in all kinds of things.
It’s your first dance.
It’s how you hold each other.
It’s your inside jokes.
It’s your hands reaching for each other.
It’s the letters you send each other to read before exchanging your vows.
It’s the gifts you give.
It’s the things you don’t have to say because your partner already knows.
Mostly, it’s how you look at each because you know you have your person.
That’s powerful stuff. And Bob and I want you to know that while we might be looking through the lens of a camera, we see those things and we could not be more thankful that you open yourselves up to us to let us get a glimpse. You guys killed it 2016, and it was amazing to watch.
With that being said, here is a photo from some of this year’s weddings. We think they do a pretty good job of showing your love, why we seek someone to share our lives with and that the nothing can ever contain this amazing gift. Cherish each other always.

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