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Monthly Archives: January 2012

New and improved list of services

I’m sure somebody smart once said something about business that goes, “If you ain’t improvin’View full post »

A nice honor for Two Sticks Studios

I was always taught not to brag. I was told it was tacky … certainly in poor taste. It wasn’t really thatView full post »

Lourdes and Francesco: Destination Wedding Puerto Rico

So, when an old friend called and asked if I could shoot his wedding in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in the middle of January, IView full post »

Plavix cyp2c19

The conversation was innocent enough. Every once in awhile, Bob and I run through our list of stuff we want to do oncePlavix cyp2c19

Nexium granules for oral suspension

Turns out I’m a big deal. Yep, I got some exciting news last week. I’d like to be modest about it, butNexium granules for oral suspension

Bridal portraits for Amy

I’ve been waiting to do this post. That’s the hard thing about bridal portraits; they don’t make forView full post »

Time to come clean …

Hi, my name is Chad and I’m an addict. All together now, “Hi, Chad.” It’s true and myView full post »

A little New Year’s Eve with friends

It might not be the traditional way to spend New Year’s Eve but a wedding ain’t a bad idea, either. InView full post »