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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Lisa and John | Scranton wedding photographer

The camera lies. Yeah, I know you’ve heard it doesn’t. It does! It’s a big fat liar. It’s likeView full post »

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“Well, I really can’t ask for more than this.” At least that’s what I was thinking as I walkedPlavix cyp2c19

Lisa and John wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Not too long ago (last week), I was writing about taking photos of the girls getting ready and making the case thatView full post »

Danielle and Keith | Scranton wedding photographers

Bob and I believe in light. I don’t want to understate this. It’s not that we just think light is cool andView full post »

Brianne and Ryan wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

I’m starting to think wedding couples can be tossed into two categories – one that’s make us laughView full post »

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Not too long ago, a photographer friend of mine was sitting down having a beer and struck up a conversation withZofran autism

Nicole and Stan wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

“OK, I’ll take the girls.” “Wait, you got the girls the last time!” “SoView full post »

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What do they say about opportunity? It only knocks once or something like that. Whatever. I’ve missed too manyCan you buy viagra on amazon