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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Synthroid thyroid

Road trip! Let’s throw in a little history lesson while we’re at it. Yeah, Bob and I were on the road againSynthroid thyroid

CHRISTMAS!!!!! | Scranton wedding photographers

Yep, I’m that guy. I’m that guy who goes to the attic after my daughter goes to sleep and stomps aroundView full post »

Greatest website opener in the history of mankind? | Scranton wedding photographers

Yeah I know, we’ve been on a roll with website updates, but I promise we are almost done and this one is totallyView full post »

The making of Two Sticks | Scranton wedding photographers

So if you’re a photographer taking photos for a new website, what’s the first thing you do? Maybe decideView full post »

Retinitis pigmentosa medscape

So there is a small window in the photography business in December to get some stuff done. The weddings are edited andRetinitis pigmentosa medscape

Our latest (and greatest) album | Scranton wedding photographers

Ahhhh, wedding albums. The result of all the shooting, all the planning, all the design. I actually really enjoyView full post »

What side effects does prednisone have

Bob and I met met Cassie and Matt in the newspaper. Admittedly it’s not where we find many of our clients butWhat side effects does prednisone have