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Adding one to the tribe

I think I’ve mentioned it before but Bob and I really consider the people who hire us friends. I mean we spend all day with them on their wedding day – which can be a tad emotional. While we might be flies on the wall, we’re there for some supercharged family moments. You can’t help but get close to people.  We think it probably makes for better photos as well because in the end you can have the greatest gear in the world but if you don’t have access and the trust of the people your photographing, you’re just taking snapshots. Really great photos come from the moments when the camera melts away and it’s just family and friends.

So it’s really exciting to us when friends we photographed at their wedding invite us to take more photos as their family grows. Amy and Jerry were nice enough to invite us to take some photos of the newest addition to their family, Shane. He’s a good looking little dude and obviously we couldn’t be happier for Amy and Jerry and their growing tribe.

Also be sure to check out little Shane’s new hats. Mom (Amy) made them and they rock!

Welcome to the world, Shane! Maybe someday you’ll find this blog post and say, “I remember those dudes taking my picture.” Or, maybe not.



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