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Alicia and Bobby Wedding Ceremony | Scranton wedding photographers

While our friends Bobby and Alicia are away on their honeymoon, we thought it might be nice to go through a few shots from their ceremony, a beautiful celebration over the weekend. We love these two. They’re such a great couple with absolutely amazing families. And that’s always the secret ingredient to some of the best weddings we see – a closeness with the couple and their friends and families. It can make for an emotional day but also a spectacular one. In fact, I hope we get to do a blog post of photos from the speeches from Bobby’s sisters and best man and the toast Alicia’s sister made. Her dad even had the mic for awhile. He may have been the showstopper. It was so engrossing, I had to focus on making sure I was taking pictures and not getting lost in his words. That’s for another time though. This was a great ceremony and here are a few shots. I’m sure we will have other posts from their wedding because every moment seemed to be a highlight.








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