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Alicia’s bridal shower | Scranton wedding photographer

I already knew Alicia and Bobby were a great couple. I just recently discovered they are surrounded by some equally great people too. I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia’s bridesmaids and a large group of her and Bobby’s close friends and family at her bridal shower. We don’t normally shoot bridal showers, but after Alicia’s beautiful shower at Patsel’s, I’m hoping that changes. Although I may have to bring Alicia’s mom with me to set up all the showers I shoot from now on.

You see, Alicia’s mom is the Lora of Live with It by Lora Hobbs. Her shop is a mainstay for bridal registries – my wife and I registered there nearly ten years ago and still have a house full of wedding gifts that we try to keep the 2- and 4-year-old from touching.
As you’ll see from the photos, Alicia and Bobby will not be short on beautiful gifts for their home.
Can’t wait for the wedding!

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