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Am I in Heaven or on the field of MetLife Stadium?

Note: Chad is an Eagles fan. This is Bob writing this post. I am a Jets fan (pause for laughter/pity). So, when I found out through my future brother-in-law that there was a charity touch football tournament for the CCFA at MetLife Stadium, I was very interested. The best part was I could be a part of ┬áthis for charity. OK, so the best part was that I could actually BE ON THE JETS’ FIELD! The charity was just a bonus. Luckily, the Jets were home the next day, so the stadium was done for them and not the Giants.

The entire experience was great. Along with being on the field, we also took a stadium tour and saw NFL history preserved in the Giants Legacy Club. By the way, the scuff mark is still on David Tyree’s helmet from his acrobatic catch in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Seeing the Super Bowl trophies up close is pretty cool, too. Now, I just have to worry about my wife hitting me every time a Jets or Giants home game is on TV and I feel the need to say “I was standing right there on that spot there. Right on the field. See? Right there!” Part of me does it out of excitement, part out of ┬áthe joy of annoying my wife.

I can’t wait to go back in a month for a game. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

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