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Annette and Darren maternity photos | Scranton portrait photographers

The more we shoot weddings, the more babies and maternity shoots we do. I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming because it seems pretty obvious now. We’ve said before that one of the reasons we love shooting weddings is because in a lot of ways we become part of the family. We’re there for hugely emotional moments – times that are often away from the eyes of a crowd. Photography can be a lot like a backstage pass, and it’s those times where small, family moments happen, and it’s those moments that really bring us close to the friends we photograph.

So looking back a little I don’t know why we never anticipated remaining part of the lives of our clients as they start families. What a bonus!

There’s obviously a reason I was thinking about all of this, and it comes back to Annette and Darren. They are starting a family, so we did some maternity photos for them in the studio, and it’s just such a great experience being able to catch up a little and remember some of the moments from their wedding and engagement shoot. It was just a perfect way to spend some time together. Thank you guys. We’ll get the studio ready for the little guy’s first photo session soon!


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