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Calling all Clients for Life

How much do we love our clients? Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! I’m holding my arms pretty far apart right now if you didn’t know.

So much so that we want to see you every year. You might not want to see us, but that’s hardly the point. We’re going to give you an incentive to keep in touch and visit us.

We are starting CLIENTS FOR LIFE. What the hell is that you ask? I’m glad you said something. We have written before how close we feel to our clients after we shoot and share an important moment in their lives. With that in mind we want to see you more often to keep in touch and make sure you’re getting photos for the big moments in lifeĀ  – or even the little moments.

So here’s what it is. Every wedding client is welcome to come back to us every year for portraits or baby photos or family photos or whatever kind of photos you need and we will waive any session fee. You pay just for the prints. You can do it every year, once a year until you are old and gray. As long as we are around and you are around, the deal stands.

That’s it. Clients for Life. Friends for Life.

Just because it’s a photo blog and we love ’em, here are some photos of the Brown family. We’ve done photos a couple of times for them.

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