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Ellie and Sean wedding | Lancaster wedding photographers

Not every bride wants these photos, but sometimes I wish they did. For every church that we shoot a wedding in that has awful light and for every reception hall that challenges us to get really good exposures, I can always count on these photos. So a quick confession, I like hanging out in salons. Not for fun by myself, but with a bunch of girls getting ready for a wedding I’ll take it any time. I mean, it’s a good time, and I learn all kinds of things about hair coloring. (Not really an issue for me) I know more about the handy things double-sided tape can do than I care to share here, but thanks to all the girls who have educated me. You know who you are!

But salons might be more obsessed with good light than photographers. I have yet to go to one that didn’t have great window light pouring in. It’s an incredible place to shoot. So when Ellie said she wanted some shots at the salon this past weekend, I can admit I got a little excited. Then when I saw the salon, I was blown away. ┬áSo here’s a quick shout out to Plum Salon and Spa in Lancaster. The light was terrific and the owner extremely welcoming. Thank you. It’s always wonderful to walk into a business and feel at home. And, of course, thank you to Ellie for the big hug when I walked in the door and for introducing me to all of the bridesmaids and moms and friends and everyone who stopped by to check on you. I felt a part of the family right away. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

And Ellie, I really like the photo I got of you against the pink wall, even if I did have to creep behind the black curtains to get it.

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