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Erin and Pat wedding at Newberry Estates

There’s a lot to like about wedding season. We get to hang out with great people on a huge day in their lives, take some photos and make some memories.  It’s a chance to travel a little  – even if it’s usually not that far from home. That doesn’t mean we are not totally surprised sometimes at the places we end up and the things we find. We recently went to Newberry Estates in Dallas. It’s a pretty popular place for wedding receptions but also a place that we never had a chance to visit. It also has some terrific spots for photos. Our wedding couple  – Erin and Pat  – knocked it out of the park in picking this venue, but they also wanted some photos at their home after the ceremony and a couple of spots they found along the way. We love when couples find places that mean something to them that are off the beaten path because they think it will make for some nice images.  We’re always happy to oblige.

Also, a special thanks to Erin and Pat. These guys do a ton of traveling across the country and have seen a ton of stuff. At the reception they had a slideshow with dozens of photos from their trips. At the end, they included the photos we did from their engagement session at Bushkill Falls. It was really touching  that they would include those images among the photos that clearly meant so much to them. Thanks guys. We’ll never forget that. Here are some of the photos from the day. As always, thanks for looking.

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