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Getting a bucket list together

I totally knocked something off my bucket list over the weekend. Actually, I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did this would be on it. Hell, I might even start one now because this was that much fun.

First a little background. I was in Philly to do some engagement photos for Lisa and John, who by the way were  amazing. We’ll post some photos of that trip here soon. There will probably be a few blog posts out of that because it was such a good time. Anyway, some of the photos we did were near the Art Museum. Again, really cool but totally not the point. You Rocky fans know where I’m going with this. On the opposite side of the museum from where we were doing the photos were the steps Rocky ran up as he was getting ready to fight Apollo Creed. It’s only one of the great scenes in cinematic history.

Here’s where I should stop and thank Lisa and John. This day was supposed to be entirely about you. Sorry! You guys were so cool to head around the museum and hang out while I ran the steps. Thanks also to Bob for laying on the ground and taking video for me so I would have it for all time and for this blog. Oh, and thanks for finding the theme music  to put with it.

Now that all the thank yous are done, let’s talk about the run. UNBELIEVABLE. I was totally jacked up when I hopped out of the car. I was ready to go but Bob had to get the camera ready, but while I was waiting a car pulled up behind us and started blaring the Rocky music. Now, I seriously wanted to take off. I don’t even know if Bob was ready but he told me to “go already.” I felt like I was going super fast. The video seems to show differently. I tried to take two and three steps at a time just like Rocky did it – you know to keep it real. I was a little surprised when I reached the top. I thought I was at the top but there’s a landing of sorts before there are a few more steps. Didn’t expect  that. I was so pumped when I got up there. In case you’re wondering, I did the little arms raised dance at the top too. There were a bunch of guys up there just kind of looking at me like I was the idiot. I’m sure they did the exact same thing right before  I showed up. They just kept kind of looking at me. Who cares? Anyway, since no one seemed chatty at the top I didn’t know what to do so I just came back down – running the whole time of course.

Cross that off the list.

What’s next?

Any suggestions?

I almost  forgot, here’s the video.


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