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Graces Downfall, Farley and The Push

Last night was a cool time. I got to spend about an hour shooting a couple of local bands. It’s not something I get the chance to do too often but hope I can do a lot more of it. It was just for kicks but what a good time and great energy. The music by Graces Downfall, Farley and The Push was awesome. The photos are from Farley and The Push. Graces was wrapping up when I got there. The little bit I got to hear was awesome. I hope I get to grab some photos of those guys sometime soon. If these guys are any indication, the local music scene, which honestly I don’t follow that closely, is incredible. I’m gonna be listening to a lot more of it. I’ve obviously been missing out.

A special thanks to 25/8 Productions too for the job they did in pulling it all together that night. They do incredible work.

Here are a few pics.


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