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Instagram, instant good time

It seems I find myself writing a lot about apps, but that’s not stopping me because this one’s worth a little love. It’s Instagram, and if you’re using Twitter, you have no doubt seen photos washed through this app. It’s a simple little app really. There’s nothing all that fancy about it, but if you like the retro look this one’s the ticket.

Not only that, but sharing on social networking sites is a piece of cake. Maybe it’s best feature, aside form the 11 different effects, is the real-time feed from all of your friends and people you follow on Twitter. It taps into the idea that not only do people like to create cool images with their phones but they really love showing them off. Here’s a couple I took tonight around the house when I was exploring Instagram. I’m thinking there is going to be a whole lot more photos headed to Twitter too. I love simple, easy-to-use apps and this one has it nailed. App-makers take a lesson. This is how you do it. You can follow us there @2sticks.


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