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Kaitlyn and Jim Scranton engagement | Scranton wedding photographers

At some point I’m going to write a tip section for our website. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do now for awhile. I’m putting it on my list of stuff for this winter. We can put stuff on there like how to plan a wedding with less stress, how to pee in a wedding dress (yes we know) how cuff links work, the best way to attach a corsage and maybe some stuff on how to dress for an engagement shoot! Maybe we’ll even have a guest blogger or too. I can invite Kaitlyn to do the “how to dress” section.

As a little background, Kaitlyn is Kaitlyn of Jim and Kaitlyn. So that should clear that up,  and we just did there engagement photos. Kaitlyn nailed it! Now, I sent Kaitlyn an email that morning to say, “Hey, it’s pretty effin’ cold out, make sure you dress appropriately. Don’t pretend it’s summer outside or you will freeze.”   And then she ignored me. She had her stuff picked out and weather be damned. I was worried about her but then she showed up and put on a clinic of how to look great and be yourself during photos. She was comfortable, mostly warm and it showed in her photos.  We absolutely loved spending the afternoon with them. They are fun to be around and had a good time during the shoot. god bless them,  they were patient when we kept saying, hey how about one more photo. It was pitch black when we finished. I should mention again that we just love our clients. All of you, seriously, put up with all of our, “Hey let’s take just one more shot. I think this will be cool.” It could be competely dark or minus 10 and every single one of you is like, “yeah, sure let’s do it!” We love you guys!”

Anyway here are some photos from Kaitlyn and Jim’s engagement session. Enjoy!


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