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Katy and Cisco wedding at the Radisson | Scranton wedding photographers

There is a quasi-tradition for couples about to get married. I say quasi because I think it used to be the norm but has certainly evolved or in some cases been eliminated in the past few years. A lot of times, the bride and groom would exchange gifts on the morning of the wedding. Usually it’s not face to face. Here’s how it works. The groom will open his while he gets ready for the ceremony and the bride will do the same. Now sometimes there are agreements that there won’t be any gifts that morning.

In Katy and Cisco’s case there was a deal in place. No gifts. We always like to know if there will be a gift exchange because it makes for some great photos. I also knew not to expect those shots at this wedding.

Then the watch showed up. That gorgeous watch – a gift from Katy to Cisco. Katy is an amazing person with a giant heart who couldn’t resist getting her husband-to-be a beautiful watch. Well done, Katy. The watch is stunning!

So, here’s Cisco with a beautiful gift from the girl of his dreams. Like any good man about to be married, he followed directions. No gifts.

He had a decision to make and what he decided to do next was AMAZING!

Now that the seal on gifts was broken, he had an opportunity. So he rallied his groomsmen and headed out of the Radisson and over to Boccardo Jewelers. Dressed in their tuxedos, the guys went shopping for some diamond earrings. What a great scene, the guys huddled around the counter checking out jewelry, looking for the perfect set. It was only two days after Christmas, so the Boccardo family pulled together every last set of earrings they had in the store. Not surprisingly, Cisco knocked it out of the park with the diamond studs he chose. He hustled back to the hotel, got a friend to drive the gift to the house where Katy was getting ready. Her smile when she opened the case was priceless. What a great moment!

As for Bob and I,  we were able to get some unexpected photos. I mean how often do you get to go with the groom in a tuxedo to a jeweler to grab some diamonds. Not often as it turns out.

Thanks to Katy and Cisco, a great couple, for a great story. We love you guys!

Bob and Chad


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