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Kristin and Paul engagement | Scranton wedding photographers

You might have a hard time finding two people with easier smiles than Kristin and Paul. From the first time we met them at POSH for an initial meeting about their wedding, they were so likable and easy to get along with. Bob and I are just thrilled that we are shooting their wedding. But first things first, there were some engagement photos to do.  We split the day between some downtown shooting and some stuff at Lake Scranton. As is often the case, Bob and I threw each other and Kristin and Paul some curveballs during the day.

Every now and again, Bob and I like to  stress the hell out of each other. So we developed something called the “Two-minute challenge.” Here’s the quick gist of it. At any point during a shoot (we don’t do this during wedding ceremonies) one of us can call for a challenge. Let’s say Bob does it. He will say “OK, Chad you have two minutes to produce a photo worthy of hanging on Kristin’s and Paul’s living room wall.” (You would think that would be enough but nooooooo) Bob also gets to pick what lens I use and anything else that he sees. for instance,. I once made him incorporate a Dumpster in a two-minute challenge.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too far off track. Let’s just say that the Two-Minute Challenge was right up Kristin and Paul’s alley. What really makes them successful is when our couples get excited about helping whichever one of us has been challenged. I swear both times during their shoot Kristin and Paul actually ran to the spot where the challenges were issued. It was awesome.
We had a ton of laughs. We can’t wait for the wedding!

Oh and just so you know the first couple of photos came from the Two-Minute Challenges.


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