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Lauren and Alex engagement #laurenandalex2015 | Scranton wedding photographers

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – shooting in the winter rocks. Having a chance to take photos for Lauren and Alex is even better! I understand all of the votes for spring, summer and especially fall, but winter is getting the short end of the stick here. Yeah, there’s the whole it’s cold and wet. I understand cold feet aren’t a whole lot of fun. The wind turning your nose red isn’t exactly a blast. But the photos. OMG, the photos. I love the look of wedding and engagement photos in the snow.

I was so excited when Lauren and Alex were all for doing their photos at their property and out in the snow. Because they are having their wedding at their home we also had a chance to see an unbelievably nice property before the wedding. I really love how the photos turned out. First, these guys are so laid back and up for anything that it made our job really easy. In fact, they put up with so much of our shenanigans that I even invited them to drill me with a few snowballs near the end of the shoot while I captured a few final photos. Great shot, Lauren. Alex, I appreciate you missing high and wide, my friend!

We’re also really excited about this wedding because we get to work with wedding planner extraordinaire Danielle Pasternak. Danielle has a great reputation and can be found at

Let’s get to some of the photos. Oh yeah, we’ll also be keeping track of Lauren and Alex’s journey on the social medias at #laurenandalex2015



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