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Little Peter’s baby shoot | Scranton portrait photographers

Baby shoot time. We just did some photos for our friends Annette and Darren at their home. They just welcomed little Peter into the family. As we’ve said, baby shoots can be a challenge. It’s always best to have them done within the first week or so of being born so you get the squishy factor, and you can mold the little ones into all sorts of fun positions.  Plus, they tend to sleep a lot! That can make life a little easier.

Now here’s an important tip when you’re doing these portraits. Keep diapers and other non-penetrable material handy. It’s a baby. There are going to be accidents or as Darren put it near the end of the shoot – “Guys, guys, guys, there’s some butt juice!” We still can’t stop laughing over that!

Thanks again to Darren and Annette for inviting us to do the photos. You guys are a great couple and even better family.



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