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Loving the Black Rapid

I’m not really all that great in finding what I would consider game-changing equipment. I can admit that I also am not the guy who really looks for those type of things. That’s Bob’s department by default and he’s really good at it.

He reads a ton of reviews, scours blogs, reads industry magazines and everything else to stay current. It’s also how he comes up with some of our best purchases. Ranking right up there near the top is the BlackRapid strap system.

You’ll of course remember when he bought the Think Tank rolling camera case I mocked him pretty soundly. I called him all sorts of names and even questioned his manhood. Then I used it for 10 minutes and  bought one myself. I have a lot of stories like that. Bob likes when I tell them. Well, here’s another. The idea of the rapid strap allows a photographer to comfortably carry a couple of cameras at the same time. Not revolutionary, but still important. It’s especially helpful for weddings when it’s smart to  have both a wide and telephoto zoom lens close at hand.   But  there are some things that make this system unique. First, it can be separated and used  as only one sling strap that is so comfortable any strap that isn’t done this way is a waste of time. Second, the design allows the cameras to hang and move naturally as you do. The system which you attach the camera allows it to slide comfortably up into a shooting position and then down  again with  no fear of ever dropping your camera.

It’s simply amazing and I’m not sure how I shot anything with traditional straps before.

Here is a description from the company website:

This Double R-Strap is the most flexible BlackRapid straps available. Not only does it allow you to comfortably carry two cameras for extended periods at the same time, but you can even separate the two straps for use as a single strap.

Here are a few pics of it in action and some product shots.

By the way, if our friends at Black Rapid would like to make us sponsored photographers and shower us with riches, we’re game! Seriously, great job on a great product that helps photographers do their job better.



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