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Mandy and Brian engagement | Scranton wedding photographers

I don’t remember exactly how Bob broke the news to Mandy and Brian that he wanted me to whip snow at them. I really wish I could. I mean I didn’t really mind, but Mandy and Brian, well they’re the ones who have been standing and sitting in the snow for two hours now in single-degree weather. They might mind.

Nope. Not even a little bit. Anything for the cause, I guess. They’re troopers. So there they were holding an adorable Save the Date sign. Bob’s got his camera ready and I’m just out of the frame pulling huge piles of snow around me. You can never have too much you know. On the word “GO,” I started shoveling snow on them as fast as I could and Bob snapped away, and Mandy and Brian tried to not look like they were bothered by the pelting. Good job guys! This is not the standard Two Sticks engagement session. Mandy and Brian paid a premium for this kind of abuse. 😉

We love the photos and we love Mandy and Brian and how accommodating they were to our ideas. They put up with the cold, and we hope they think it was all worth it. Here’s are some of the shots.


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