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Maura and Jesse party at Via Appia

You gotta love it when a party starts early and goes late. There were some early hints that is exactly how Maura and Jesse’s wedding was going to go. Nobody here is going to get into the details, but when you have family and friends who are obviously really close and ready to celebrate it’s a pretty good combination. Everything mixed together perfectly and everyone had a good time. E.J. the D.J., one of the area’s best music men, was spinning tunes, and Via Appia in Taylor as always put together a beautiful  event.

Maura and Jesse timed the day really well, too. From our perspective that means some portraits we really love, but we’ll get to those in another post. This one is all about the party and the first dances and the little moments that weddings offer that  – if you are paying attention –  are amazing to watch.

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