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Review RadioPopper PX System

I should apologize to the good people at RadioPopper. You deserved a review of your product much earlier than this. We have been using your system for a year and love it. For the uninitiated or those who still are using just a flash on-camera I better explain.

Radio Popper is a company that makes radio transmitters and receivers that trigger and coordinate the firing of off-camera flash units. As wedding photographers constantly on the go, I cannot tell you how critical this piece of technology has been to us. From sidelighting the first dance at a wedding to allowing some creative lighting with on-location engagement photos they are crazy reliable and effective. I’m not going to get into the technology that’s used to make it work because I’d probably only screw it up. I know this. Being able to fire off multiple off-cameras flashes with out any cables attached to my cameras or flashes is a total game-changer for guys who work almost exclusively on location.

I can also say there are some other big-name brands out there (I’m not naming names. You know who you are) that are not nearly as reliable. Here are some specs from the company’s website. I hope they don’t mind that I picked them up.

  • High Speed Sync up to 1/8000th
  • Canon and Nikon
  • 1,500′ Range
  • NO Line of Sight
  • NO Sunlight Interference
  • NO Cables
  • NO Programming or PC needed

Here are a few products shots of the RadioPoppers I use and a couple of shots that show just how valuable these are.




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