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Sebring family Christmas card

There’s a myth in photography. Everyone assumes that photographers have great photos of their family. I’m hear to tell you – totally not true. You would think with all of the equipment and access, our family’s walls would be loaded with great portraits. Nope. In fact, my walls are loaded with cheap prints from Rite Aid. It’s probably because you spend time working on your clients’ photos and when that’s done you want to spend time with family and not pick up the camera for some more shots. I’m trying to break the cycle and had a little luck but that’s for another post.

I did have the chance to shoot my brother’s kids for their Christmas card. I loved doing it because there’s no pressure and you can try some different stuff. If it doesn’t work, no problem – just try something else. Plus, I get the bonus of hanging out with my nephews and niece. In this case, I also got to keep my design skills sharp because after I shot the photos, I designed the cards. Maybe some of you have already gotten one in the mail. If not, consider this a Christmas card from Kevin, Kate, Wyatt, Phoebe, Ben and Gordy.

We did the card in black and white. Make sure you click on the card to see it in full size!  I’m also including the photos in color so you can see what they looked like straight out of the camera.




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