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So long my friends

You gotta love people who love photography. My really good friends Brian and Jane – who are making appearance No. 2 in this blog (that’s a record) – moved to Florida on Sunday for some new opportunities. But before they left – with tons of packing and goodbyes left to say – they wanted to do some photos of their son Brody for his birthday. Gotta tell you, I was stunned when they still wanted photos one day before shipping off to Florida but I was more than happy to do it.  Anyway, below are a few photos of Brody and his sister, Anna, who seems to gravitate toward the camera. Brody was a good sport about it.

But more important than the photos, this gives me a chance to say something that I didn’t say when I had the chance.  I love you guys and I miss you already. And if you ever want to do some beach shots, I’m in!


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