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Stan and Nicole: The Proposal

So we have had the idea for a little while now that it would be an amazing opportunity to be able to capture the first step in the wedding process: the proposal. I was honored that the first person I was able to do this for was my cousin Nicole’s boyfriend (now fiance) Stan. He had the guts to propose during Easter dinner – in front of the ENTIRE family.

Knowing how nosy my wife is and how no one in her family can keep a secret, Stan let me know the day before it was going down. I received a message on Facebook simply saying that if I was going to be at Easter dinner, I may want to bring my camera. I immediately knew what he meant.

Seeing as how Easter dinner included about 50 extended family members in one house, there was little private time to hear Stan’s plan, so I basically kept one eye on his every move all day. I’m pretty sure I was actually more nervous than he was. Not so much for the proposal, but for the punch from my wife that I was going to get when she realized I knew and didn’t tell her. Finally, I saw the move: Stan pulled Nicole outside to give her her Easter basket. I started snapping away from inside the glass doors while slowly being surrounded by the other 50 people there as they realized what was happening.

Inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg was the ring. She said yes. No more words are needed. Congratulations to Stan and Nicole!



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