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Daria senior photos | Scranton portrait photographers

Well it’s senior season again, one of my favorite times of years. It’s time to get out on the streets andView full post »

Kyle senior photos | Scranton portrait photographers

Normally we like to throw a bunch of photos in our blog posts, but today I’m just going to do one becauseView full post »

Effexor withdrawal hives

I tend to break a lot of rules. I’m not really crazy about them, and I’m not all that wild abut being toldEffexor withdrawal hives

Difference between metformin and metformin er

I remember my first job pretty clearly – a job that I was later fired from. I didn’t actually know thatDifference between metformin and metformin er

Matt senior portraits | Scranton portrait photographers

This is going to come as a surprise to no one, but I’ve been talking to a lot of photographers in the past weekView full post »

Hydroquinone and tretinoin cream for acne

Confession time. I love the sound of a solitary piano played well. Add it to a photo shoot and now we’reHydroquinone and tretinoin cream for acne

Emily | 2014 senior video

You guys know we like to mess around with video a little. We love to do it at weddings for sure, but we have ourView full post »

Jen and Maura senior photos | Scranton portrait photographers

So this one is a little unusual. Usually, we shoot one senior portrait at a time. Usually, we do it in one day. WithView full post »

Cameron is back | Scranton portrait photographers

OK, this is the second time you will see some photos of Cameron, but we love her so much we had to bring her back toView full post »

Senior portraits at our studio | Scranton portrait photographers

Most of our senior portraits are done on location. We’ve done them on college campuses and train tracks and justView full post »

Celebrex fda warning

A couple of posts ago, we detailed the most-ridiculous senior offer on the planet. Seniors can get their photos doneCelebrex fda warning

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Listen up peeps, WE ARE DOING FREE PHOTOS AND THROWING MONEY AT PEOPLE. No bull, no lies, no small type. We are payingShould synthroid be taken in the morning or at night

Slip, sliding away

Not too long ago, we introduced the idea of videos for high school seniors. They’re a mix of photos and videoView full post »

Chillin with another senior

I think I like being the hockey photographer. We just did some senior photos for Jonathon  and what I once thought ofView full post »

Clindamycin and tretinoin topical gel

Well, senior portrait season is in full swing and the color of choice this year … purple. At least that’sClindamycin and tretinoin topical gel