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Tom and Stacey engagement at Nay Aug Park

Sometimes a hidden gem is  right under your nose. I’ve been to Nay Aug Park before . In fact, I’ve taken photos of Bob (Two Sticks’ better half) and his beautiful wife, Stephanie, and gorgeous daughter Eliza there. It’s loaded with unbelievable spots for taking great photos. Sometimes when you travel as much as we do and see places you’ve never been before, you can lose sight of the stuff closest to you. For you loyal readers, you’re probably thinking  well yeah Nay Aug’s got a bitchin’ treehouse. Don’t get me wrong , the treehouse is super cool and can make for some great photos, but there are plenty of other places that offer a whole lot in the way of photos. Add the museum, the trails and a healthy dose of  Tom and Stacey – our latest victims- and you have the recipe for a good time. Tom is actually a high school friend of Bob’s. It’s always a thrill for us to take photos for friends.

As an aside, Tom and Stacey were tremendous to work with. They were up for anything and were totally patient when we took a little more time because we saw some things we just thought we had to shoot.  In the end, we hope they love their photos and think the extra time and effort was worth it. On to the pics.



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